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Children's Achievements

On these pages you can read about the achievements and great successes that the children work so hard to achieve throughout each term and school year.

Maths Quests at Sowe Valley

We had a fantastic afternoon completing maths challenges that were based on out theme topics.  We started with a launch Assembly and then went back to our classrooms to work in teams to complete the challenges.

We used ICT equipment to support out learning and used our maths skills and theme knowledge to solve the      different quests.  Each group to produced a poster to showcase their work, this included all working out and photos, and pictures too.

Each teacher had to decided on a winning team by judging on: teamwork , thinking mathematically, performing calculations, using logic, reasoning skills and checking answers.  

The children brought their work into the hall at the end of the day and talked about what maths they have been involved in.  The winning team received their prizes and of course all the children got a special certificate and ‘Maths Star pencil’ for joining in!

We will be having a Maths Quest each term.

Mrs Mortimer

Look at ​the children working hard and having marvellous mathematical moments!