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Welcome to the Parent Information section of our website and the Virtual School Office. On these pages you will find useful information about the day to day life at Sowe Valley Primary School.

Flu vaccination for children in Reception and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 We would like to offer you the opportunity to protect your child against seasonal flu (influenza) this winter. Flu is a highly contagious viral infection affecting the respiratory system. This vaccine will protect all children from flu and its associated complications, such as pneumonia and middle ear infection. It will also help to reduce the spread of flu and thus protect many others, such as younger siblings, pregnant women, grandparents and those in “at risk” groups (i.e with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, kidney problems). 

From October 2017 all children in Reception and years 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be offered flu vaccination through a nasal spray. This extension of the national flu immunisation programme to children is part of a phased introduction, based on the advice of independent experts. This vaccination is annual so if your child received the vaccine last year they will need to have it again this year. 

Information can be obtained from or contact your Immunisation Team. Fluenz Tetra® will be the vaccine used for children in this programme and one dose will be given nasally. The Patient information leaflet for the nasal flu can be found at: 

Some schools have access to a flu video clip we have produced and may show this to the children before the session. Should you wish to view this video with your child it can be seen by visiting:

If your child becomes wheezy or has their asthma medication increased just before or on the day of the vaccination session, or you would just like some more advice or information please contact the vaccination team on 024 7696 1422 or email [email protected]


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Parent's Evenings

It is important to keep up with your child's progress. With this in mind parent's evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring terms and a written report provided in the Summer term.

If your child's teacher has any particular concerns, they will arrange a meeting with you. If you have any worries about your child's progress, please talk to your child's teacher at the end of the school day or speak to the school office so that a mutually convenient meeting time can be arranged.

Parents at the school gate

Many friendships develop at the school gate. You will be able to share school related concerns with more experienced parents and ease some worries you may have. However, sometimes what is said may not be true, or the full information, and consequently may make you more anxious. If you have any concerns, always talk to the class teacher to avoid being misinformed.