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Sowe Valley aims to fulfil the National Curriculums aim in Physical Education:

– Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities,

 – Are physically active for sustained periods of time,

 – Engage in competitive sports and activities,

 – Lead healthy, active lives.

Sowe Valley’s PE curriculum aims to deliver an enjoyable, high quality physical education that inspires children to succeed in a wide variety of sports and skills. Children will learn the importance of healthy life styles, a balanced diet and positive growth mind-set. Physical Education places an impetus on embedded values such as fairness, respect, leadership, resilience, co-operation and dealing with success and failure. Our PE curriculum challenges and meets the needs of all abilities. 


– Every child has access to a high quality PE curriculum which covers a range of different sports and skills.

– Every child has the opportunity to attend live sporting events.

– Every child has to chance to represent the school in sports competitions.

– Every child has the opportunity to learn how to swim.

– Every child has the chance to take park in Outdoor Adventurous activities whilst on a residential site.

– Every child has the opportunity to learn to ride a bike.

– Every child will be given the experience of learning to Ice skate.

– Every family have the opportunity to take park in one body, one life.